Who Is SkyBox For?

SkyBox is not your high school. And we’re not like other gyms, either.

We don’t like drama, cliques or judgment.

I had a pretty good time in high school. I was an average student. I played a bit of netball and general sports….I was certainly no naturally talented athlete!

I found fitness & training later in life, to get trim for my wedding, loose the baby weight after the birth of my children, I also really enjoyed the social aspect of “going to the gym”. Then during the breakdown of my first marriage, I stumbled across boxing. Boxing changed my life. I had confidence. I had knowledge. I knew how to deal with stress. It was something I looked forward too, and was the highlight of my day, it made me fell good about myself.

So, I founded SkyBox to share that same gift with others.

We believe that exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate.

We believe that you have to find something you love—and celebrate success—before you’ll ever be motivated to work out or eat properly.

We believe in progress, not perfection.

We believe in coaching.

And we believe in making sure you’re here again tomorrow.

Have there been “gym jerks” along the way? Of course! But since I own the gym, I can keep them out of SkyBox. The “we’re-better-than-everyone” garbage doesn’t fly here.

That means SkyBox will never be the biggest gym in town. It means we’ll never be the cheapest. But we’ll always be the best because of the people under our roof.

If you want to get fit, have fun and forget about high school, come in and talk to us. We’re not salesmen, either.


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