“We will never be the cheapest gym in town.

We will not spend $100,000 on equipment every year.

We will not provide 24-hour keycard access.

We will not run a juice bar.

We sell coaching. Coaching is more than teaching, more than cheerleading, more than dictating. We don’t merely provide access to equipment, but deliver people from their current state to their goals.

Reaching their goals requires hard work. But before hard work comes motivation, and before motivation comes behavioral change. We can’t out-yell a bad lifestyle.

No goal is motivational enough to pull a client past every temptation, every late-night craving, every moment of weakness. None. The knowledge “this is bad for me” won’t overcome “I want this right now” without practice.

People do things for a reason. That reason is rarely logical. Most even know what they “should” do. Our job is to make them want to do it for the rest of their lives.”

A little truth & inspiration shared from one of our awesome mentors, Chris Cooper. This is WHY we do WHAT we do…. #skyboxstudio more than just boxing🖤 

Teegan & Ade Webb

Owners & Founders of SkyBox Studio


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