“We will never be the cheapest gym in town. We will not spend $100,000 on equipment every year. We will not provide 24-hour keycard access.

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Why Diets DON’T Work

You can’t lose weight without controlling your nutrition. If you’re trying to lose fat by joining a gym—but not changing what you eat—it won’t work.

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The SkyBox Mission

Over the years as a gym owner, my mission has changed. When I opened SkyBox in 2017, my mission was simple: feed my family, and

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Who Is SkyBox For?

SkyBox is not your high school. And we’re not like other gyms, either. We don’t like drama, cliques or judgment. I had a pretty good

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Some skin in the game. Pt 1

Arguably one of my favorite sayings that I have come to learn and value since joining business mentoring. I have developed a profound understanding of

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Whats a habit anyway….?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020 The secret to weight loss and to changing your life for the better -its all down to changing your habits & behaviors

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