Are you making changes, or making excuses?

Let’s talk about age, goals, abilities, motivation, determination and discipline.

None of us are “BORN” with these things; we are born at zero years of age, we have infinite yet unknown and unlearned capabilities, and motivation, determination, and discipline are likely traits we will learn and develop during our formative years from our environment – our parents or those who raise us, obstacles we may face in life, and events or situations which will require us to implement strategies to see us succeed and conquer, OR become miserable, defeated victims of our own circumstance.

I meet people everyday looking to join our gym, most of them fall into the following categories; they generally understand the importance of remaining physically active – in order to lead a happy healthy life, and to look after their mental health, they are coming up to a milestone birthday, are overcoming some sort of adversity such as a separation or a major life change, or they are dealing with hormonal or medical conditions.

I get it, because I’ve walked in those shoes. I’ve been separated, I’ve had serious medical conditions, I wasn’t born with amazing athletic skills or capabilities. I was the chubby teenager growing up who skipped most PE lessons at highschool, I’ve tried every stupid lemon detox, cayenne pepper, miracle weighloss drops, fat loss cleanses, eat 200 calories B.S diets…. and I’m closer to 40 than I am 30. So I understand how aging affects your body and performance.

I ran my first half marathon just after my 30th birthday – I’d just taught myself to run 5kms about 6months previously – so I was no “runner” or had any talent for it – what I did have was motivation, discipline and will power.

The last time I fought competitively I was 34yrs old, again I relied on my determination and resilience, cos I’m not a “naturally gifted athlete”, I learnt how to juggle in the last 6months cos it was a great little challenge and is an incredibly powerful skill for improving cognitive function, and now I’m looking towards my next goal (I’ll figure it out soon🙃).

All these past achievements matter now, because they are the things that helped me flex my “self-discilpine muscle”, and yes discipline is EXACTLY like a muscle, the more you train at it and practise it, the stronger it gets and the easier it gets.

Because as I get older I won’t become complacent, I won’t fall victim to my circumstance of “age”, because I’m grateful everyday for what my body can do – I don’t focus on what it “can’t” do – yeah I’d like to run further or faster, or lift heavier or do more reps….but I know I could – if I set my mind to it and trained for it. So ask yourself, when was the last time you stepped up, when was the last time you tested or challenged yourself, when was the last time you set yourself a goal or target and worked towards it or achieved it??

If you can’t answer, then have a think about it – I’m always here to help….and don’t use injury, age, time or money as excuses – cos they are bullshit excuses. I love being inspired everyday by everyone who steps foot in our gym, and I love seeing my friends and peers out there smashing their goals and leading the way


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