“Some Skin in the game” Pt 2

So in part 1, we looked at the time and service value that quality coaching gives us. In Part 2, we are going to talk the dirty talk….the money talk……this is where we see some skin…..

You have found the Coach, the one you trust, the one who is going to give you back or save you time, and is going to deliver their service to the best of their ability, to give you good value service and deliver you results. This coach also knows their worth, they know what they have to charge you in order to make an income to support their livelihood, make their way closer to their “perfect day”, and feel fulfilled and worthy within their role as your coach.

Energy is finite, so to is decision making, a good coach knows this, and knows the amount of energy they can expend in one day – a coach will very rarely, and should never financially have to, pursue 8+ hour days of coaching. This is expending far too much energy to deliver high quality service day after day. This also inhibits their capacity to make good decisions, resulting in decision fatigue – as the mind does not possess an infinity abundance of energy output and decision making. So unlike other service providers, coaches rarely or will never, have the capacity to work 8-12 hour shifts of coaching clients day in, day out. Hence why their time is spent carefully divided into coaching those, whom they choose to give their energy too, and why they charge for this precious time accordingly.

Coaches spend their time pouring their energy into you – whether you realize it or not. They are also making most decisions for you whilst you are in their presence, or at least guiding you towards making the right ones! So in turn you are not only paying for their experience, their skill set, their time, you are also paying for their energy, and their decisiveness, of knowing the right action to take, at the right time.

This is the sort of Coach you are looking for, one to invest your time and money into, and one who in return, will invest their skills, time and energy into you. By paying an investment, or having some skin in the game, this makes your coach believe in you, it makes them see that you are as invested in your goals and success as they are. It shows them you are willing and ready to do what it takes to reach your potential. Your Coach has likely learned their skills from years of experience, making what they know “priceless”, they are often born (not learned) motivators, and compassionate and deeply caring individuals, who do what they do because they have a natural calling to help others. This set of soft skills are invaluable, and can not be “bought” or “taught”.

Your financial investment in a top quality coach, is your most solid investment into your future. For whatever reason you need a coach; health, wellness, physical ability, sporting ability, business, mindset, nutrition, sleep, the more skin you get in the game, and the heavier you invest – is usually the more likely you will stick with it, listen to your coach, adhere to their teachings, and grow and progress towards your goals.

Those who aren’t interested in being coached, who maybe are “un-coachable”, or are limited in their growth mindset, will invest less of their time, and less of their money, to secure a lesser provider, and a lower standard level of “instruction”. Or one-size fits all generic option. This is where having some skin in the game, will ensure you have secured yourself with the right coach, or the right guide, to get you to where you want to be.


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