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“I started with Skybox just over a year ago now, and not once did I think I’d go from being a dancer for 15 years to having my first fight with in 12 months. Preparing for the fight wasn’t an easy thing. I needed to make weight (meaning lose just over 5kg) in 8 weeks and work on everything from technique to fitness. By eating my way through solely just chicken, fish and salad, and the help of my Coach Mick of course,😆 I was able to accomplish my goal. Without the constant support not just from my coach/all the coaches but other fighters as well, there is no way that I could’ve pushed myself as hard as I did to achieve what I wanted. They were all so supportive while pushing me to the limit and without them I wouldn’t have made it to the ring! 🥊🥊”

Kodie Rifici’s story

“12 months ago I went on a epic holiday to the UK and gained a more then a few kilos (to much Yorkshire pudding) and arrived home weighing at 81 kilos. After a few months I decided to get my but into gear and I started boxing in my yard with my good mate Rus. After a few months I decided I loved boxing so much so I joined SkyBox Studio. Since I’ve been with SkyBox I have received nothing but support, care and understanding. I was welcomed with open arms into the SkyBox family. The trainers at SkyBox have supported me with nutrition and meal planning, PT sessions equipped to my skills and fitness levels, tracked and kept me accountable through my boxing journey. They have coached me with meal and nutrition planning.
As some may already know its a bit harder for me to loose weight due to autoimmune complications, no thyroid and a bit of a crook back, so heading into this journey there was no way in hell I thought I could achieve an 11 kilo weight loss and develop some bitch ass boxing skills. With the help from Mick , P, Teegan Adrian, Jack, Dean and Lisa I will continue to kick ass and one day soon step into a fight feeling fit and strong!”

Sammy Carter’s story

“June this year I made the decision that I had had enough of feeling fat and unhealthy, eating lots of crap and sitting on my backside so I started my lifestyle change. I then joined a 6 week boxing class which definitely made me realise I needed to do more exercise 😂 I then continued doing a couple of classes a week until I started a 10 week challenge and had unlimited classes and one PT a week, I have been working out 6 days a week and am finally noticing the difference it is making to my body, self esteem and confidence. I hate my photo being taken and these are not easy photos for me to put up but I’m very proud of how hard I’ve worked and how well I feel. Since I started my weight loss journey I have lost 9.8kgs, I’m still going and will lose some more and tune up my mum tum 🤣 I also reached Bronze status on my Myzone today 🎉🎉 I want to thank everyone that has helped me and that are continuing to support and encourage me, also a big thank you to Skybox gym and all their wonderful coaches who actually make working out fun 😂”

Claire Mooney’s story

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