WTF Just Happened……

Buckle up – pretty sure this could be an epic biopic about wtf just happened to me – to the world – to my world…..this is purely my personal experience – my business and professional life is a complete other saga!

Professionally speaking – I thrived amidst this disaster, I relished the challenge, rallied the troops and charged forward. I imagine I’m the one in war time that is reaching out my hand pulling people out of the trenches – or telling them to run for their lives!! Romantic scenario, seeing as I have no actual experience in battle – and would probably shit my pants and cry for my Mum…..

Personally however – I was a fucking wreck. Everything I worked for, what I got out of bed for in the morning, my social life, my routine, my structure, my habits…..ALL FUCKING GONE!! I know I wasn’t alone, this was all of us, sinking in this shit together. So I sunk myself into work, (I’m a self confessed workaholic), so it was the distraction I needed. But its never the distraction my marriage needs….my work habits are our biggest sticking point.

So then sets into motion a complete lack of structure, we ate breadsticks dunked in nutella for dinner, pizza and fish & chips every other night, whilst we firmly planted ourselves on the couch (Ade gamed or watched TV while I worked – desperately trying to salvage an income, and that of our two coaches). Most days were a blur – I furthered my studies, checked in on our members, and just continued to drown in my work. I didn’t go for walks on the beach, I didn’t meditate everyday, or find some great hobby…..yeah I probably should have done all these things – but hey-ho. This period goes on for about 4 weeks….a never ending sea of nutella (I don’t even like nutella that much!).

Then, that’s it I’m done….and do you know what I do – I GET A FUCKING COACH!!!!

Because I know the importance of one – because I am one!! I get help with a training plan and schedule – to get the results I want, doing exercise I want to do, and that I enjoy. I get help with my nutrition, I start meal prepping and eating well…..and guess what BOOM – I have energy, my body feels strong, I feel healthy, I have motivation, I feel like me again!!! I already KNOW all of these things (its what I do for a living!) – and so do most of you – I know I need to watch what I eat, train a few times a week blah blah…does it mean that I do it alll of the time…NO!

Because I’m just like you – I need accountability – I need someone on my ass making sure I’m doing what I’m sposed to be doing, so I get the results I want. I’m highly motivated, so I don’t need someone constantly hovering over me, but I like direction, and I LOVE seeing progress. I love structure and a plan – most humans do, we thrive on routine and often feel lost and helpless without it.

So there’s my quarantine diaries….a downward spiral of couch love, in a haze of Nutella, whilst being blinded by my computer screen till all hours of the night. Then came my phoenix moment – and just like that while I pondered my uncertain future – I rose from the ashes of my pitiful chubby quarantined body, and remembered who I was. My focus, determination and mindset has never been stronger, what I get out of bed for every morning, what I train for, why I chose to nourish my body instead of punish it…..because these are the things I can control….in all this chaos these are the things I could chose to make better, make better choices and decide for myself to be the person I want to be.

So here I am today, a better stronger version of me, all thanks to quarantine….

Coach T…..x


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