Why Did We Break Up….??

This piece is on a tricky topic that intrigues me…I’d love to gain some insights into this, and get feedback from present clients, former clients (if you have broken up with us – that’s you;) , and other coaches and trainers. I also want other coaches or those starting out to understand this doesn’t just happen to you, it happens to all of us! I want this article to educate clients about a coaches mindset, our investment into them, personally and professionally. I also hope it prompts some thought, and delivers us some understanding as to why it doesn’t always work out….

Recently we have had an influx of new clients at our gym, which has been amazing. We have used Facebook ads to promote some package deals to entice new members to try out our services, and embark on a new fitness journey with us. For many this is their long awaited return into training, after a prolonged period of being preoccupied with their growing family, busy careers, or they have been plagued by illness and injury. For some this is the first time they have trained in a gym environment, first time ever putting on boxing gloves, first time working out with a dedicated trainer or coach. So many firsts, and the first time for anything is scary as shit!!! I have so much admiration for these new clients, I know how daunting stepping out of your comfort zone can be, let alone stepping into a boxing gym for the first time.

That’s where our role as your coach comes into it – our job is NOT just to make you sweaty and uncomfortable, to make your muscles ache the next day, to help you burn all those calories you ate the night before, or push you until you vomit (*warning* all of the above will most likely happen….) Our first and foremost role as your coach is to make you feel comfortable. We want our gym to become your safe haven – to become your gym, we want you to entrust us with your health and safety, we want you to feel comfortable enough with us to be honest with us about injury or illness, and be honest enough with us not to lie just cos you cant be bothered turning up to your session. We ask you about your weekend or your family, because we care, small talk is how we build rapport, trust and confidence with you. There are over 250 clients currently on our books (we are a small boutique gym so this is suffice) We know all of you by name, what most of you do for a living, the ones we see at minimum on a weekly basis we know your children’s names and living circumstances….again because we care. All of these details help us serve you better, it helps us understand the struggles you face outside the gym, what obstacles prevent you from training more, losing weight or getting fitter and stronger.

As much as you financially invest in us, and our gym – I can promise you that if you have a good coach, you are getting more than double for your investment. For the one hour we train you for – there has been the equivalent of roughly 3hrs spent already investing in you. Your coach or gym has already done the following for you;

•Made time to have an initial meeting with you, at SkyBox you would have had a FREE 15min no sweat consult to come in, meet us, have a look at the gym, discuss your training program.

•We have booked your appointment and set you up in our database.

•We have arranged payment and billing.

•If you are coming in for a personal training session your coach has spent considerable time tailoring your session to meet your capabilities, considering any injuries, designing your session towards goals or achievements you are aiming for. If you are attending class the coach has put time and effort into programming a session to accommodate all skill levels, make a challenging yet fun workout, have modifications in mind for clients with special considerations or injuries.

•We have traveled into the gym for your session or class, arriving before you to set up and welcome you when you get there. And they will stay after to pack away and tidy up. We unfortunately don’t get paid by the hour to stand around when there are no clients to train. *THIS IS WHY IF YOU DON’T SHOW UP TO A PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO CHARGE YOU*

•We will follow up with you and check on you after your session.

•We will devise challenges, competitions and incentives for you in the gym.

•We maintain the gym and the equipment so it’s safe and ready for you to use.

•We spend careful time and attention on you, to teach you our skills, and help you achieve results

We are also available to you outside that 1hr session, if you have questions or concerns about anything to do with your health or training, or you are injured, or have to reschedule an appointment, we are only a message or phone call away- because WE CARE….not because we are on an after hours overtime phantom pay paid to us by the “overworked underpaid coaches welfare protection agency” (*That is NOT a real agency, I just made it up, but if anyone would like to bankroll this project please feel free*) it’s because we take our job very seriously, and we strive to offer you a personal service……

So when you break up with us, e.g.; don’t show up for scheduled training sessions, constantly cancel on us, just completely vanish of the face of the earth, skip out on us half way through a 6week program when we have already invested heavily in your progress……Understandably we are left feeling pretty dejected, left scratching our heads thinking where did it all go wrong, what could we have done better? Do you just not want to box anymore? Do you not like our way of coaching? Do you not think we are worth the financial investment? Was it all just too hard for you? Why did you choose to start with us if you never had any intention of making changes? Did you think just by joining us it would miraculously solve all of you weight loss goals, and you wouldn’t actually have to work for it? Do you feel as though your health and well being aren’t worth the money…..?? I really could keep going!!!

So there it is, I’m still none the wiser to why clients mysteriously break up with us…..and yes I take it way to personally, but its just cos we CARE!! So leave some feedback….coaches share your insight, clients what are your thoughts?


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