Why am I fat, why am I skinny…..

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Food, nutrition, where do we start…..?

So I’ve never been genetically blessed with “skinny genes”, I was a fat kid and a chubby teenager growing up, I’ve been a pretty decent sized pregnant woman through both my pregnancies, managed to have 6 pack abs, and have been every size since, I’ve had to cut weight for competition, and I’m in an industry where what size you are is noticed, and feel like most of my life I have had issues with my size – so basically this gives me the right to be pretty brutally honest about food, and what it does to/for your body.

I’m at an age now (I’m almost in my mid 30s) where nutrition has become really important to me – for a few reasons;

  • I want to be healthy, I don’t want to get sick, and I don’t want to die.
  • I want to be as fit & strong as I can be, be able to lift weights, grow muscle, run 5km min, box – I want my body to perform the way I want it to.
  • Its now harder to keep the weight off and to loose it now I’m older.
  • Eating well makes me feel good, my skin is better, I sleep better.
  • I feel bad for all alcohol consumption, and shit things I did to my body when I was younger – and now I’m trying to make up for it.
  • I still want to indulge in wine if I choose, and have sweets, dine at nice restaurants with my husband, or eat pizza with my kids occasionally – without feeling guilty.

I’ve never meal prepped before in my life and I hate cooking, I’m a lazy eater and will just eat whatever is there cos I don’t want to cook something nice, there are other things I’d rather be doing, (I wish I loved cooking!!) So I’ve made a new habit for myself!! Habits are made up of 3 things;

  • Automaticity
  • Emotion
  • Context

So my new habit of meal prepping begins with Automaticity – I don’t have to THINK about what I’m going to eat, I’ve already done that, my food is prepped ready to go.

Emotionally I feel great, I know the food I have prepared meets my nutritional needs, it works within my calorie allowance, and it fits my macros. If I have a treat here or there that’s fine, cos I know that I can cut back somewhere else within my meal plan – I don’t have to feel guilty for eating something I love.

Healthy eating, meal planning & prepping fits the Context of my life. I’m not in a bad frame of mind or depriving myself of calories, or stressing about what I’m going to eat, or what I shouldn’t eat.

So this has been a major turning point for me, I’ve enrolled in a Nutrition Course, and its something I’m personally & professionally spending quiet a lot of my spare time dedicated to – understanding what I’m eating, why I’m eating, and knowing that its okay to EAT. That being said and like I wrote at the beginning of this blog – it also allows me to call out people on the bullshit excuses they use as to why they cant loose weight.

Unless you fall into a very small minority of having a medical condition, then you are big because you consume more calories than what you expend or “burn”. A lot of people are delusional about what they eat – they come to us for help to lose weight, but a few classes a week is not going to do a lot in regards to shaving off the kgs. The hard work of weight loss is having a serious talk with yourself about what your putting in your mouth. Its about education and seeking advice, guidance or accountability – not by going on a fad diet, or subscribing to a meal delivery service – you owe it to yourself to get the education to know how to feed & nourish your own body. It might be doing some serious soul searching as to why you have issues with food, and perhaps you need a mental reset. Maybe you just have no idea how much food and hidden calories your consuming in a day, or maybe you have spent years dieting and living in a calorie deficit (*guilty*) and have totally screwed up your metabolism.

The message here is DON’T LOSE HOPE ,there is help and answers out there!!

Everyone has a “sweet spot” where they fit into their fav jeans, or a number on the scale that makes you feel good. So get off the roller coaster of – once you’ve gone beyond that sweet spot you punish yourself by running for the treadmill and going on a juice cleanse – just get the help, the education, the support that works best for you. Food is not your enemy, and weight loss isn’t easy – or we’d all be a size 8! Its all about creating new habits and cultivating a healthy mindset towards your food & nutrition.

Coach T x


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