Our Why Hasn’t Changed….

We got into training because we love to help people reach their goals. We know things are uncertain right now, but our commitment to you hasn’t changed. If you’re still interested in training, we’d love to continue supporting you remotely.

And if you’re not interested in training right now, we totally get it. These times are pretty chaotic, for sure. But know that we here if you need us.

We always spent our days thinking of others and delivering our services to our members – a prescription of fitness, mindfulness, encouragement, support, happiness & belonging. Just because our gym doors have shut, has not meant the delivering of that service has stopped. We have taken the leap and transitioned online, we have pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones and are treading into new territory, leading the way – just as we did when we first opened SkyBox. This is an exciting time for all of us to be learning to adapt in this ever changing world.

All of this continues to give our lives meaning, structure, focus & control – all of the things we want to encourage you to take hold of. It’s time to shift your focus. Focus on what you can control, our health – food, nutrition & training, looking after our families, our learning & education, our hobbies & things we love to do, reach out to friends & maintain social connections (video chat😉), start thinking about future plans for continued growth & development.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there are ways we can continue to support you.

We’ve committed to serving you as coaches, and despite the circumstances that hasn’t changed.


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