2019 WHAT A YEAR!!!

2019! Recap on one hell of a year at SkyBox💥

JANUARY – 🗓We start of the year with 122 members, 1300 FB likes, and not really much idea about what the year will bring. We are happy to go with flow and see what pans out. With little direction, but huge passion and determination to see our business grow – we are happy to see the continued progress of all our clients, see our fight Team in action, and generally enjoy making people happier and healthier thru boxing and fitness. 👊Jake Whitney visits our club, a competitor from RingFit boxing gym in Perth. This begins a friendship and solid working relationship which will see Jake visit us a few times throughout the year – and by November he has branded himself and is in business – returning to run the first boxing workshop here at SkyBox.

FEBRUARY- 👧👦Our kids boxing programs launch for the year and prove to be a great success. We now have 32 young boxers at the club for the first term of the year. ✊SkyBox hosts an open sparring day and another Geraldton boxing club, PCYC, attends. We forge a great bond with this club. 25 boxers in attendance for sparring – learning and testing their skills against different opponents.

MARCH – 🥊FIGHT NIGHT- The boxing season opens and our first trip sees Jackson & Quinn competing. Jack gets a special bout & Quinn is in the semi finals for WA Novice State Titles. 🥊FIGHT NIGHT- Quinn & Coach T are now competing in the finals for WA Novice Titles. 🎬Laurie appears on the news to promote her upcoming fight 🥊FIGHT NIGHT – Ben, Laurie & Dean compete on a local show and dominate in their performances. 🎨Our new entrance to the gym is finished, and the gym gets its iconic mural.

APRIL- 📉 MyZone System lands at SkyBox. We are now able to track our boxers throughout their workouts to enhance their training. We introduce challenges to keep them as active as possible, in and out of the gym. 👊FitBox class is launched and added to the timetable – this is a huge success catering to all levels of fitness & experience.

MAY- 🐾SkyBox Mascot & gym dog Bree arrives🐾 🥊FIGHT NIGHT, Andrew competes in a BWA Bout

JUNE- 🏖We head down the foreshore and host our “Beach Bash” for the long weekend celebrations. 😍A bloke called Mick walks into SkyBox – it was love at first sight for him and Ade, and the rest is history. 🥳 Coach Ades bday so T & A head off for a much needed island escape.

JULY- 🥋Cal begins his Karate journey with Senpai Mark. By December he will have attained his white & blue belt grading. 🥊FIGHT NIGHT – Dean & Neville compete in BWA bouts. 🥊FIGHT NIGHT – Quinn competes for WA silver Gloves. ✊PCYC join us for inter club sparring 🍻We head to the pub to watch Pacquiao V Thurman fight 🤓Business becomes serious when Ade & Teegan begin business mentoring, and SkyBox levels up VERY QUICKLY.

AUGUST- 🎬Quinn appears on the news to announce he has been selected for QLD Golden Gloves team. 🥊FIGHT NIGHT- Quinn & Dean compete on Laceys Boxing show 🥊Quinn & Jack visit Synergy Gym for WA Team sparring 🥊Quinn travels to QLD with state team and wins Golden Gloves. 😁Coach T’s Bitmoji is born and is now used for information posts. 💻Coaches Ade & T Are on their first Podcast with Mandy Gibbons, talking about mindset & resilience. 🏋️‍♀️Our first Womens 6 Week Challenge is launched – and we are inundated with new clients- SkyBox explodes and there is more work than 2 coaches can handle!

SEPTEMBER- 🙌Coach Paris joins the team full time – thankgod!! 👶Lisa returns to the gym, after the arrival of baby Sage

OCTOBER- 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ SkyBox joins ParkRun! 💻T is invited on an international marketing podcast to discuss the success of the business . 💻Paris & T join Mandy for a Podcast to discuss women’s training and the mindset needed to succeed. 🤓Our coaching team head to Perth to complete their Punch certification training .

NOVEMBER- 🤓Coaches Ade & T head to Melbourne to complete their Box N Burn Certification 👊We host our first boxing workshop led by Jake Whitney from Point Blank Fitness. It’s a great success with over 20 boxers in attendance. 📝SkyBox Blog is launched – guest writers, coaches, all covering a wide range of topics. 🍎SkyBox Nutrition is in full swing, offering you guidance on how to fuel your body adequately, so you can perform at your best, and achieve results. 💪SkyBox launches Strength & Mobility Series, designed to educate & inform clients. 🍻Xmas get together at Burnt Barrell to celebrate & be merry!

DECEMBER- 🏋️‍♂️SkyBox 4 Week Fighting Fit Challenge is launched, to an overwhelming response! 🥋Cal will be graded for his Blue belt in karate 🤜🤛Monthly challenges through out the year have seen some incredible results- we have had competitions utilizing the SKIERG, rower, assault bike, myzone points challenges & now Bingo!! We love taking the time to develop challenges, and implement healthy competition in the gym. We love seeing people beat their own scores/times and be able to see their own improvements.

👏Our membership is now up 54% from the start of the year, and our classes are busier than ever and we now have almost 1700 FB followers. We now have a very clear direction for the future of SkyBox, and have our 12month plan laid out already. We will continue to grow & develop the gym, it’s facilities, equipment & coaching skills through out 2020 – just as we have done this year. We want to thank everyone who has been a part of the journey this year – most have stayed with us, others have dropped off, and we look forward to meeting more new faces as we continue to share our passion and skills here at SkyBox.

BRING ON 2020!!!!

🥊SkyBox 2019 Fight Team🥊⁣⁣

⁣⁣ What a year we have all had! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 8 Boxers competing on 9 different shows.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ▪️Nothing can replace the bond of friendship, comradery and mutual respect between our competition group. ⁣⁣

▪️We train together – to support, encourage, motivate and push each other to become better boxers, & better individuals. ⁣⁣

▪️We celebrate in each others success as a collective – a win for one is a win for all. We have respect and pride for the lessons learned when the hand doesn’t get raised. ⁣⁣

▪️The road trips, the laughs, the nerves and excitement, the sense of pride we feel for each other – is what makes all the sweat, occasional tears, hunger, and exhaustion all worth it🙌⁣⁣

▪️All under the watchful eye, and guiding voice of our Head Coach Ade. Giving his time, dedication, energy & passion, sharing his knowledge & skills with us all🖤 ⁣⁣

•Quinn Kinivan- WA State Champion, WA Silver Gloves R/U, QLD Golden Gloves Champion •Teegan Webb- WA State R/U •Neville Blakeney – 1 •Jack Clifford – 1 •Dean Fairclough – 3 •Ben Puzzar – 1 •Laurie Meloni – 1 •Andrew Ronan – 1

We can’t wait to see more of our SkyBoxers joining the fight team in 2020….💥🥊⁣⁣


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